Professional and Multilingual Transcriptions for Your Medical Projects

Do you believe that language shouldn’t be a barrier to better health? We too. That’s why at Novalins we offer top-notch audiovisual translation and subtitling services tailored specifically for the healthcare sector. Our linguistically precise and succinct translations enable e-health providers, pharma businesses, medical device manufacturers, and other health organizations to deliver their message beyond geographical borders.

Why Novalins

Speak health in every language.

Behind our subtitle and translation services is a dedicated team of expert translators. Each member is not just a linguist but also has a healthcare industry background, ensuring that the preciseness of medical terminology are accurately conveyed. Their in-depth knowledge of therapeutic areas, linguistic nuances, and cutting-edge AI-powered subtitling tools guarantees that your message is not just translated but truly understood by global audiences.

Subtitle Translations in 120+ Languages

Break language barriers, reach global audiences. We translate your message into over 120 languages, making your content universally accessible.

Experienced Translators with Medical Backgrounds

Our experienced translators, specialists in healthcare, ensure your message is translated accurately, reflecting your industry’s nuances.

Prompt Service Delivery & Customer Care

We understand that time is of the essence for you. You can count on swift deliveries and exceptional support as your satisfaction remains our priority.

Featured Services

Words without borders.

Subtitle Creation

Bring your content to life. Our subtitle creation service ensures exceptional clarity along with user engagement, making your videos accessible to all..

Subtitle Translation

Globalize your message. We translate subtitles seamlessly, preserving context and tone across languages for a unified audience experience.

Audio/Video Transcription

Words in action. Our experts transform your audiovisual content into accurate, readable text, enhancing accessibility and understanding.


Tailor your content to every culture. Our localization adapts language, tone, and cultural references, ensuring your message goes global.

Innovative Technology

We use modern audiovisual tech to generate AI-powered transcriptions and translations that are checked and edited by our medical linguists.

Voice Over

Elevate your narrative. Our skilled voice-over artists bring your scripts to life, delivering your message with professionalism and impact.

ISO Certified Subtitling Process

Prescribing precision in healthcare translation.

Step 1: Understanding your message

We begin by understanding your message, capturing its essence, tone, and audience context. Our Quality Managers advise whether human or automatic translation would be more suitable given your project parameters.

Step 2: Accurate transcribing and subtitle creation

Our specialised software generates an automatic time-coded transcript through the latest AI technology which is reviewed and adapted by our transcriptionists, forming the foundation for subtitling.

Step 3: Context-oriented translation

Depending on the workflow suggested by our Quality Managers, our native audiovisual experts translate the original subtitles or post-edit the automatically translated ones ensuring accuracy and preserving its preciseness and emotions.

Step 4: Subtitle adaptation

We adapt visually engaging subtitles, ensuring linguistic accuracy, readability, and audio sync to ensure your target audience remains fully dialed in right from the beginning to the end.

Step 5: Quality assurance

Regular and rigorous checks guarantee accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and visual appeal.

Step 6: Client feedback

Your feedback refines the subtitles, aligning them perfectly with your vision and objectives.

Step 7: Timely delivery

Prompt delivery ensures your subtitled content is ready to captivate a global audience.

Why use subtitles in healthcare

Preserve linguistic accuracy to preserve health.

Deliver enhanced accessibility

Embrace inclusivity as subtitles transform your content, making it accessible to everyone. From individuals with hearing impairments to diverse language speakers, your message becomes a global conversation.

Provide improved comprehension

Let your words resonate with the audience. Subtitles reinforce spoken content, ensuring every viewer grasps your message. No more missed nuances – your ideas get through clearly, engaging audiences around the world.

Ensure global reach

Break language barriers as subtitling catapults your content across borders, connecting you with diverse cultures and audiences. Your story becomes universal, fostering connections beyond linguistic limits.

Enable SEO and discoverability

Get noticed in the digital landscape. Subtitles reinforce your online presence by boosting SEO. Search engines love indexed subtitles, making your content easily discoverable as your ideas soar to new heights.

Increase engagement and retention

Fuel viewer enthusiasm with subtitles as your content sparks higher engagement and retention. Engage both eyes and ears, keeping audiences hooked for longer as your narrative leaves a Get my personalized quote Talk to us lasting impact on every viewer.

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A world of linguistic excellence.

At Novalins, we don’t just stop at subtitling. Take a look at a range of comprehensive language solutions tailored for your needs. From precise translations to immersive voice-overs and cultural adaptations, our services redefine communication boundaries.

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Advance health in every language.

Because every word speaks volumes.

At every step, our focus remains on delivering subtitles that enhance your content, making it accessible, engaging, and impactful across diverse cultures and languages. Empower your content with seamless language integration.

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