• Does your tech/AI company need support for product localization by harnessing the power of robust Content Management Software (CMS)?
  • Do you want to use the latest tools and technologies for your localization project?

Novalins provides you with the fastest, latest, and transparent CMS software consulting service to help you streamline your localization process. We are a leading tech localization and translation company providing state-of-the-art content management system consulting for tech and AI companies. We have more than ten years of experience working with some prominent players in the fintech, Medtech, and other digital sectors.  

By leveraging our expertise and innovative technology, we help you reach new markets without hassle and stress. We partner with you to provide expert support that enables you to accelerate your localization, streamlining it for global expansion. Our highly qualified and experienced team works together on your localization and translation of digital data giving you complete control over the process.  

Diverse and Extensive Experience of the Latest CMS

As an established localization and translation company in the industry, we understand how important it is to stay updated on the latest technology to provide robust services to tech/AI companies. We have diverse and extensive experience working with several latest Content Management Software (CMS) such as Lokalise, Phrase, XTM, Webtranslateit, etc.  

Our specialists have developed specific guidelines and SOPs for each system to ensure accuracy, fast delivery, and quality. However, we also cater to special requests. If you want to work using another CMS, our professional QA team can create new SOPs, tutorials, and guidelines that our translators follow to deliver the results you are looking for.  

I must say I really like the Novalins portal.

It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

PCI Pharma Services

Your Project is a Challenge for Us!

Localization and deployment of materials and products across the globe are challenging. You need a robust, simple, and intelligent translation solution for the process. At Novalins, we love putting our capabilities and experience to the test. We treat every CMS software project as a challenge, which is an opportunity to innovate and grow for us. We work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and target markets.  

Based on our understanding, we supervise your project from the start till the end so you can focus on other critical business operations. We can start working on the translations and localization as soon as you prepare your product design to save time and money. With our help, you can localize and launch your product in the market with confidence in multiple languages swiftly and cost-effectively.  

Novalins translations are accurate and follow industry standards and authority requirements, which has consistently resulted in regulatory approval of our submissions. They have also always been courteous, professional and responsive to our requirements.

Hetero Labs Limited

High-Quality, Precision, and Accuracy

When you work with us, we guarantee the high quality and accuracy of your tech products and solutions translations. Our localization team uses the latest tools and techniques to help you accomplish fast time-to-market, scale the business globally and create an excellent user experience. As our company holds 3 ISO certifications, we adhere to the highest standards and protocols in every project to deliver only the best.  


We have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experience medical translation provider.

OPKO Health, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Department

Boost the Productivity of Your Teams Manifolds

Involving your team in the localization process can be burdensome and time-consuming, but with Novalins you can make it seamless and stress-free. We save your team’s valuable time by automating your entire localization project. Whenever they make changes in the primary files, codes, or design, they’re automatically updated in the localized content. This boosts the productivity of your teams, streamlines their workflow, and accelerates the expansion of your business to other markets.  

I must say I really like the Novalins portal.

It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

PCI Pharma Services

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