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  • Do you want accurate reviews of your machine-generated translations by industry experts?

Enable accelerated product launch in global markets.

Start your seamless journey to global market dominance with Novalins’ ISO 18587 compliant machine translation and post-editing (MTPE) service—a solution tailored to fast-track product launches while maintaining exceptional quality. Our specialized teams deliver machine translated and post-edited output giving you a competitive edge with enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and better turnaround times.

Why Novalins

Precision. Speed. Cost-Efficiency.

At Novalins, our commitment to excellence in medical translation is unparalleled. Our expertise lies not only in our cutting-edge technological ability and meticulously selected team of post-editors, but also in our promise to deliver accuracy, precision, and compliance with every project. With us by your side, you experience the seamless fusion of efficiency and precision, helping you launch your products swiftly into the global arena with full confidence.

Variety of Translation Software Tools

We ensure speed with precision relying on diverse variety of cutting-edge translation software to deliver regulatory-compliant medical translations.

Highly Qualified Medical Post-Editors

Our expert team of post-editors ensures medical precision and linguistic finesse, guaranteeing top-tier accuracy across the entire project.

Proven Process & Rigorous Quality Assurance

Backed by a tried and tested process, our track record speaks volumes, ensuring flawless medical translations every day of the week.

Featured Services

Reach beyond borders.

Machine Translation with Complete Post-Editing

Led by senior medical translators, this level eliminates the need for the two-step translation & proofreading process ensuring a final product of publishable quality. While this doesn’t involve secondary proofreading, our process compliant with requirements of ISO 18587 for MTPE services delivers content meeting stringent quality, from preserving information integrity to refining inappropriate content and restructuring sentences for clarity and accuracy. We adhere to client and domain-specific terminology, grammar, syntax, and semantics while applying essential spelling, punctuation, and formatting rules. Some inconsistency may exist due to technology constraints but this service guarantees a deliverable that emphasizes accuracy over stylistic fluency.


  • Guarantees content integrity without information alterations or omissions.
  • Ensures grammatically, syntactically, and semantically correct target language content.
  • Adheres to client and domain terminology and stylistic guidelines.
  • Applies necessary spelling, punctuation, and formatting rules.
  • Delivers an accurate, publishable-quality deliverable within the medical domain.

Our Proven Process

Crafting Clarity.

Our structured approach guarantees that each translation undergoes meticulous scrutiny, resulting in precise, publishable content aligned with your expectations and industry standards.

Step 1 – Source Text Analysis

Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of the source text, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the content’s nuances and context.

Step 2 – Machine Translation Output Production

We generate the machine translation output, using advanced technology to establish a baseline for subsequent content refinement.

Step 3 – Quality Assessment and Verification

We assess and verify the quality of the machine translation output with our post-editing experts, ensuring accuracy and comprehensibility.

Step 4 – Client Kick-off Meeting

If necessary, we initiate a kick-off meeting with you to discuss the process, the target audience and purpose, the necessary feedback steps, and consider any style guidelines or reference material provided.

Step 5 – Post-Editing by Specialized Medical Translators

Our medical translators, specialized in the subject, engage in precise and focused post-editing, enhancing readability, adapting the style and tone required, and correcting errors as needed.

Step 6 – Accuracy Review and Compliance Check

An in-house validator rigorously reviews the translated content, ensuring accuracy, adherence to industry-specific terminologies, and compliance with set standards.

Step 7 – Addressing Doubts and Final Review

Any lingering doubts or comments are addressed in coordination with the post-editor, ensuring complete clarity and accuracy before the final review by a project manager.

Step 8 – Delivery of Impeccable Translations

Upon completion of the process, we deliver the final, fully reviewed translations, ensuring they meet the highest standards and align perfectly with your requirements.

Why use machine translation and post-editing in healthcare

Accelerated health communication made easy.

Improve Translation Productivity

In the healthcare sector, leveraging machine translation and post-editing enables rapid conversion of medical documents, research papers, and reports into the desired languages, accelerating the spread of crucial medical information across diverse linguistic regions. By automating the initial translation process, human effort is redirected towards refining and enhancing the accuracy.

Reduce Translation Costs

Machine translation paired with post-editing significantly cuts down on translation expenses in healthcare. Additionally, the post-editing phase, conducted by specialized medical translators, ensures accuracy while optimizing cost-effectiveness. This cost-saving strategy is particularly beneficial in the healthcare industry, where accurate communication is imperative but cost efficiencies are also crucial.

Accelerate the Launch of Products in Specific Markets

Machine translation and post-editing facilitate swift product launches in different healthcare markets. Through this approach, medical content, such as pharmaceutical guidelines, medical device manuals, or healthcare research papers, can be translated and adapted for specific target markets. Rapid translation and refinement accelerate market entry, ensuring timely access to vital healthcare products.

Improve Turnaround Times

In healthcare, rapid translation turnaround times are crucial. Machine translation combined with post-editing expedites the translation process while maintaining accuracy. This approach significantly reduces the time required for translation, enabling healthcare organizations to swiftly communicate critical information, research findings, and treatment guidelines across language barriers.

Remain Competitive in an Increasingly Competitive Industry

The healthcare landscape is witnessing a surge in the demand for multilingual content. Clients increasingly seek efficient translation methods without compromising quality. Using machine translation and post-editing allows organizations to meet these escalating demands, offering timely and accurate translations while staying competitive in a dynamic and globally connected healthcare environment.

Rapid & Accurate Medical Translations.

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With machine translation and post-editing, healthcare institutions can efficiently bridge
language gaps, ensuring timely communication of vital medical information
while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

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Novalins translations are accurate and follow industry standards and authority requirements, which has consistently resulted in regulatory approval of our submissions. They have also always been courteous, professional and responsive to our requirements.

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