Medical Translation Solutions

The vocabulary of medicine is a language all its own. That’s why you don’t just need common translators for your regulatory documents, clinical trial forms, and Instructions for Use of medical devices – you need skilled linguists who also possess expertise in various medical fields. Novalins medical translators are spread out over 100 countries and cover 120 languages, including all European, Asian, Middle East, African and Latin American ones.

Qualified to MA/MSc, PhD, PharmD, and MD level, they possess expertise in science, analytics, and therapeutic practices and are fully trained and up to date with the guidelines of the EMA/FDA and numerous national authorities. When it comes to medical translations, they know the terminology and regulatory requirements in force in the regions you’re targeting.

With more than 3000 medical experts covering nearly every time zone, our translation teams handle hundreds of thousands of words every month in a large number of languages and in specific scientific and medical fields. Our project managers work flexibly and can assign as many translators as necessary to meet the most challenging deadlines.

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