• Are you a healthcare organisation in need of accurate translations that are completed in a secured environment but also adapted to your target audience, whether they be physicians or patients?

Novalins is a leading medical translations provider certified ISO 9001-2015 (Management), ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services) and ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices). We utilize a pool of over 3000 translators with scientific backgrounds that allows us to offer certified medical translations and respond to the needs of the most demanding CROs and healthcare companies.

Our services are for you if you are looking for a reliable partner who can translate a wide range of clinical trials documents, including patient information sheets (PIS), informed consent forms (ICFs), case report forms (CRFs), patient reported outcomes (PROs), patient questionnaires, and more.

Centralize Your Translation Projects in a Secure Environment

Our user-friendly Clients’ Portal allows team members from many different departments and locations to collaborate in one place. You can add new users, get instant access to important project information, share files, and receive important data and metrics.

Most importantly, all of this activity takes place in a secure environment where you can feel safe exchanging patient data and information. All of our messaging also takes place within the portal without the use of email for an extra layer of security.

Always approachable, always extremely helpful and accommodating and always delivering excellent quality work! Novalins, thank you for always making translation requests such a smooth and efficient process!

Alliance Pharma

Utilize Translators with Clinical Experience

We’re able to offer patient-friendly translations, thanks to our team of experienced experts. All of our translators have a scientific background, and our translator pool includes 600 medical doctors and 900 PhDs specializing in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

We also offer back-translation services for clinical documents. This process includes:

  • Forward translations by senior medical translators.
  • Back-translations by another senior medical translators.
  • Reconciliation and review of files by third-party senior medical translators. 
  • Updates to your translation if necessary and proofreading to reach a final version.
  • An accuracy and compliance review by our in-house validators.
  • A final review by a Novalins project manager who specializes in the medical field.

With our large team of translators, we can offer documents in 120 languages, including rare or exotic languages. We’ll work with you to ensure all of our translations are culturally correct in order to guarantee the highest level of accuracy for your projects.

Novalins has been providing services for OPKO clinical research and regulatory affairs departments, mainly in EU languages. The level of quality of their work has been emphasized by all colleagues. All in all, we have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experience medical translation provider.

OPKO Health, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Department

Everything You Need for a Quality Translation

Between our experience and our technology, we can provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

When you work with Novalins, you’ll enjoy:

  • A Partner with Healthcare Experience: We have ten years of experience working exclusively in the healthcare industry.
  • Sophisticated Security Measures: Manage your projects on our secure digital portal, allowing you to safely store and exchange patient information.
  • GDPR Compliant: Patient data is always stored and processed in the most secure way.

A Large Network of Translators: Gain access to thousands of experienced medical translators who have a medical or clinical background. Our translators have a proven track record of delivering accurate and patient-friendly documents.

Always fast replies,

Always keeps timelines,

Always steady & good quality.

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals

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