A list of start-ups that are changing the health care industry!

The Health Tech industry is the cutting-edge of innovation with companies constantly striving to not only beat one another at the next best technology. Many of the latest innovations are consumer-driven and most physicians are embracing the change.

Here are some of the best new health tech innovations, and the companies that are pushing them:


Blueprint Health


This New York based TechStars Network accelerator helps talented entrepreneurs to advance the healthcare industry by inviting 20-30 entrepreneurs to be mentored by the most experienced industry leaders in the U.S. Each company is giver $20,000 in capital. This event takes place twice a year.




The iCouch.me web app connects users to therapists via webcam, where they pay $65-$90 for a 50 minute session. It is a great way to get the therapy you need without setting up appointments, driving and more.




This start-up uses a patented technology to help improve the success rate of IVF, using the woman’s own cellular energy to improve the quality of her eggs.




MotherKnows ensures that you have your child’s medical records at hand, on your iPhone or from a browser whenever you need it at school, at home or on vacation.




This cloud-based electronic medical records solution can be set up in no time. Since it is ad supported, even small medical practices can use it at no cost.


drchrono iPad Patient Care Platform


The drchrono iPad Patient Care Platform helps doctors to manage their practices electronically. Using a range of tools, from speech-to-text, electronic medical records, videos and photos, they can also electronically prescribe, bill insurance and allow their patients to check in from their tablet computers.


Iconic Data


With Iconic Data, doctors can dictate diagnoses and billing codes using voice recording instantly. Now they no longer have to wait to hand over a stack of bills, they can submit billing information immediately to prevent delays, loss and incorrect billing cards, speeding up the process by up to 14 days.




Doximity is the social media platform for doctors. Here they can collaborate with peers, market research firms and developers of medical equipment and devices – and get paid to offer opinions.


Patients Know Best


With access to their medical records, Patients Know Best gives patients access to doctors from around the world who can remotely access results.




Back pain plagues many people around the world, however LumoBack couples a sensor with your iPad or iPhone to help train and improve your posture to help improve your back.




Now you can access a certified trainer via the web, from only $10 a week.  With more than 200 trainers to choose from, you can get one that suits your unique needs.


Ekso Bionics


Ekso Bionics takes cool to a new level by making wearable robots (robotic exoskeletons) available to paralyzed people, enabling them to walk.




This social network encourages users to exercise by enabling them to log workouts and to complete with others to move up the leaderboard. You are rewarded for exercising and it measures your progress, making suggestions on how you can improve.


These fantastic start-ups aim to make good health easier for consumers and to provide better ways for doctors and patients to collaborate. With tools like these, we can take a pro-active part in our own good health.