Focus on Vision, helping the world to see better

Today, we decided to present a great company that we recently discovered: Focus on Vision.


While most of us spend a sizable chunk of our days on the PC or other technology for work and pleasure, we rarely take the time to be grateful for the gift of sight. At the end of the day, when our eyes are too tired to read, or when we get visual headaches, we resent our eyes. The decision to make a trip to the optometrist to get a stronger pair of glasses, is as simple as deciding what’s for dinner.

After all, our eyes are our tools and we should invest in optical care. They help us earn a living. They are the filters that bring information from outside stimuli to our brains to determine how we should react. Together with our ears, they provide many hours of audio-visual stimulation. They allow us to see the sweet smiles on our precious children’s faces, even if it is with the help of glasses or contact lenses.


More than a billion people who need help with vision correction due to eye conditions, cannot get it.


People in Poor Countries Don’t Have That Privilege


For less fortunate people in countries such as Afghanistan, Ghana, South Africa, Nepal and others, a visit to the optometrist is a luxury that is only available to the privileged. In addition to the cost of the consultation, there is the cost of glasses and frames, that can easily cost $100 or more. Many households don’t see that amount of money in a month. Take South Africa for instance, where more than 25% of the population is unemployed and living on $1.25 per day.


Until recently, these people had no option but to forego sight in favor of survival.


Focus on Vision Brings Hope to The Poor


Novalins recently discovered a fantastic company that brings hope to the visually impaired poor in a number of countries around the world, by offering self-adjustable glasses for less than $10.


The aim of the initiative is to bring vision to people with eye conditions. Focus on Vision works with governments, NGO partners, optometric associations, and commercial partners to find ways to set up a global distribution network to provide as many people as possible with these self-adjustable glasses.

What are Self-Adjustable Glasses?


Focusspec® is unique, because two glasses will solve 80% of visual problems for less than $10.


These glasses are based on an invention by Dr. Luis Alvarez, a Nobel prize winning physicist, which uses an adjustable mechanism. Production of the lenses required extreme precision, and the company spent a lot of time finding the best way to injection mould the plastic of the Focusspec®, which is made from a high-quality polycarbonate.


Focusspec® is less vulnerable to dirt and dust, and the silicone parts are designed to fit different noses.


While trying to keep the production costs as low as possible, the company works with specialist injection mould experts, applied physicists and mathematicians to create the best quality, affordable glasses for the visually challenged poor in Africa, Asia and other regions.


How You Can Bring Sight to the World


With a small or large gift, you can help people see. You can help a child go to school, by helping him to see his work, or you can help a mother see her little one smile. Your contribution can help a father find employment to provide for his family, thus making a better world for everyone.