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A list of start-ups that are changing the health care industry!

The Health Tech industry is the cutting-edge of innovation with companies constantly striving to not only beat one another at the next best technology. Many of the latest innovations are consumer-driven and most physicians are embracing the change.

Focus on Vision, helping the world to see better

Today, we decided to present a great company that we recently discovered: Focus on Vision.


While most of us spend a sizable chunk of our days on the PC or other technology for work and pleasure, we rarely take the time to be grateful for the gift of sight. At the end of the day, when our eyes are too tired to read, or when we get visual headaches, we resent our eyes. The decision to make a trip to the optometrist to get a stronger pair of glasses, is as simple as deciding what’s for dinner.

Connected Objects are shaping the future of the health care industry

Internet of Things devices and tools are revolutionizing the medical industry, with more and more companies and start-ups creating new interconnected objects for the healthcare industry. We have been using similar tools in our daily lives – from GPS watches for exercise to fitness trackers that record our steps and calories burned. But connected objects for the medical field are much more advanced. The objective is that these items connect to the internet to upload or download data. Gartner predicts that there will be 26 billion interconnected devices by 2020.


Connected objects that measure physiological factors are generally targeted at the public and made available by major retail outlets. This means that many medical professionals will not prescribe the connected devices, and users miss out on the prudent advice that practitioners have to offer.