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4 Simple, Almost-Free Ways to Promote Your Freelance Business


Deciding to put the security of a salaried job behind you and to become a freelancer, is a bold move. However, it could well be the best decision you have ever made. Business is constantly evolving and companies are seeing the value in hiring top freelance specialists, instead of in house employees. Doing this saves companies money, but it also creates opportunities for people like you to earn money while you live your dreams – provided you learn how to effectively promote yourself as a freelance translator.


When you work for a company as an in-house translator, they take care of the marketing, and you simply have to show up to work. Then again, they limit how much you can earn by only giving you as much work as they think you can handle. When you’re a freelance translator, you can take on as much work as you can fit into a day, since you already save time on the daily commute.

I am a freelance translator, now what?

So you have a gift for languages, some professional experience and you have decided to become a freelance translator. Where to start?


As you probably know, there are many benefits to becoming a freelance translator. From a flexible work schedule to a happier work environment and more time to pursue other activities, freelancers have the opportunity to grow their careers to the next level. The 2012 Freelance Industry Report showed fascinating statistics about freelancers, but most noticeably:


  • 90% of freelancers were happier than before they went solo.
  • 77% of freelancers were excited about their future business prospects.